Letter to My +ONE

(Let’s call her Nikki)

To My One and Only,

You are beautiful. Stunning, actually.

You’re brilliant. You were, in fact, most likely born in the wrong era. :). You’ve always been gifted intellectually, and you have a strong innate-well of wisdom that you’ve carried around since the beginning. Full of knowledge and life stories and insights that seem to be well before your time.

You have known since you were a child what you wanted out of your life. You saw your advanced degrees, you saw yourself excelling and rising to the top of your career, and you saw yourself running an amazingly successful empire. What many people don’t know is that you battle a lot of internal struggles that keep you in and out of a depression and that sometimes keeps you paralyzed in servant-like mode to those around you.

No one knows this is happening, though, because you are such a happy, positive person that shines your light wherever you go. You know with everything in you that you are underachieving and that you’re allowing others to undervalue you. You’ve been wondering for far too long how can you, this high-achiever, allow year after year to go by and you still struggle to reach the apex that you so desperately desire. That is a recurring thought that you replay in your mind every day when you go to bed and when you wake up. Why do you keep doubting yourself. You’ve used your brilliance to build success for so many others (employers, friends, clients) yet you haven’t yet found out how to make what you actually want to have work. Actually, what you want is to live a beautiful life filled with true love (true love from friends, from your work, from your partner, and from your future children).

 You see so many others having massive success and you’ve secretly thought “now if THEY can do it why hasn’t it happened for me?”. You feel so strongly that you’re out of alignment. You know that you want total freedom. You want to have an abundance of finances, whereas to be a part of the Billionaire Girls Club has always been desired by you! You want to travel the world and be able to take out your checkbook and write a check for $300K or more to your favorite charities. You want an ocean front fully amenitized condo or home where you can lie out on your veranda and experience your safe solitude. You want the luxe life, and you know you deserve it. One of the reasons that you have struggled to fully step up into your success is because you keep minimizing yourself and putting what you want to do into a small box that looks like what everyone else deems acceptable. You are a trendsetter. You want the private jet, the residences across the globe, and you want to be a global CEO (not the kind that you see a dime a dozen, but a REAL one). You have a massive message that you will spread just by others being in your presence. You have a light that can not be dimmed. Anyone that gets the privilege of knowing you gets blessed in amazing ways. You may have grown up in a family that was disjointed and disconnected and you’ve never felt like you fit in. Your family has been consumed by lack and you’ve always felt that you dreamed and believed too big for your surroundings.

You found your way here because you’re ready this time and I know it. You’re safe here. Yes, you want a business or career that is luxurious, but most importantly you want to feel like you. The high-achieving over-achieving you. The you that you knew you were meant to become in this lifetime.  I’m ready to guide you and support you and acknowledge you as my ONE.

 I’ve taken the first step in pouring out my heart in this letter to you. The next step is yours to take.   It’s time now. Let’s make it happen. <<<<Click There


 Keisha P. Shields

CEO/Founder of Pink Label

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