Hi, I'm Keisha!

Top adviser to Women Executives & Women in Business who are accelerating into high-visibility leadership roles

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Hi, I'm Keisha!

Top adviser to Women Executives & Women in Business who are accelerating into high-visibility leadership roles

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my mission is to help women in business free themselves FROM stereotypes & STIGMAS SO THEY CAN BLAST all the way THROUGH the glass ceiling and build a lucrative legacy

For a long time, I let the fear of being misjudged and misunderstood keep me frozen in servant-like mode as I navigated the world around me. 

- and -

As the creator of She Will Not Be Silenced®, Keisha Shields specializes in helping women successfully navigate the shift into high-profile visibility.  

Keisha's approach to women's wealth through executive leadership involves key strategies for claiming voice, claiming visibility, identifying and overcoming barriers to visibility, breaking glass ceilings and developing million-dollar movements.

Keisha is the executive and leadership adviser that women turn to when they need to honor their divine feminine, powerfully find their voices in and out of the workplace and boardroom, overcome stigmas, stereotypes, grief and other people's opinions and navigate the TIFFs (traumas, insecurities, fears and frustrations) that can become inhibitors on the journey to wealth. 

Keisha shows women how to finally let go of other people's expectations of what their life and career should be and how to show up authentically in every way, with zero apologies. 

Let Me Help You:

Find Your Voice and Leverage It for Mega-Success at
Work or in Your Business
Refresh Your Faith
Break Through Your Glass Ceiling
Navigate Professional Success while Overcoming Personal Challenges
Transform Your Stories into Million-Dollar Movements
Finally Let Go of Everyone's Expectations of what YOUR life, money and legacy should look like
Live Authentically on YOUR terms
no more "good girl", "nice girl", doing the right things

THE Only Guide You'll Ever Need

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audio interviews i've been featured in:


"Keisha talked about the importance of intergenerational legacy in creating a more financially equitable world. She highlighted the need for an intentional allocation of resources, bc for centuries, the resources have been allocated so that money has flowed away from Black folks, from women, from non-dominant identity groups.

Alongside that, Keisha talked about the added pressure placed on those from non-dominant groups who have been the one "made it" or "done it" and are now assigned responsibility to be "the go-to person" for anyone in a similar scenario without regard for their capacity. By allocating resources intentionally and boosting economic prosperity to account for the past will create more "go-to people" and create more opportunity for us all to lift as we climb."

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If I could wave a magic wand, I'd help every woman who crossed my path to absolutely OWN her brilliance and use it to build a multi-million dollar legacy.

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