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The Sabotaged Subconscious: 8 Signs You’re Sleepwalking through Life

The Sabotaged Subconscious:
8 Signs You’re Sleepwalking through Life
by Keisha Shields

Becoming sophisticated is a skill, a level in which one reaches. As a sophisticated man or woman you hold yourself to high standards, have your daily rituals in place, and you accomplish more in a week’s time than many people do in longer stretches of time. You are an icon, a role model, an up-and-coming generational leader who is inspiring so many others to pursue their callings. But what happens when there is a curveball, a shift in the atmosphere, a major devastating change in your life? Many of us who have reached sophistication and climbed many ladders of success may find ourselves in an unfamiliar place. One where suddenly, days seemingly go by with little to no progress made, or you notice that the oomph that was in your step seems to be gone, and perhaps you realize that you haven’t been achieving things like you used to. This is a major sign that you may have unknowingly sabotaged your subconscious mind, and for high achievers like you, this is an urgent problem that needs to be addressed or it can become your downfall — the thing that brings your empire to a grinding halt.

So what can you do to stop your subconscious mind from sabotaging you? First things first, let’s understand the core functions of the conscious vs the subconscious mind. Although there are many official and complex definitions for these terms, at a simplistic form, the conscious mind is the rational part of the mind that gives the commands and the subconscious mind simply obeys the commands. Your subconscious is not rational. It obeys, strictly from information that is programmed in your mind; things like your self-concept and your beliefs about what you can and cannot achieve in your lifetime. After all, the function of the subconscious is to store and retrieve data.

Let that sink in for a moment.

The subconscious simply obeys commands from information that is programmed into your mind! When your subconscious mind becomes your master — meaning that this becomes the source from where you are retrieving data to make decisions in your life, you will find yourself being constantly pulled back into your comfort zones, or you will find yourself making decisions from a highly emotional place because this is the part of the mind that memorizes your comfort zones and memorizes your patterns and does whatever it can to ensure that you continue those patterns throughout your days.

Anything outside of the comfort zone makes the subconscious mind enter a place of being emotionally uncomfortable, and that is when you are most susceptible to begin feeling as though you are actually sleepwalking through your daily and feeling as though you are settling and unable to pull yourself back out of it.

Let’s take a look at 8 carefully selected signs that you (the change maker and tastemaker) may be sleepwalking through your daily life.

Sleepwalking through life Sign #1: You feel hopeless, and you feel that you have lost your power; the power to turn your life around and to get back to that level of efficiency and achievement that you are used to.

Sleepwalking through life Sign #2: You don’t recognize yourself or your life anymore. When you don’t recognize yourself, or your life, it usually indicates that you feel that you have lost control of your destiny and that you are disconnected.

Sleepwalking through life Sign #3: You spend your days being very busy, but actually having very little (if any) productivity.

Sleepwalking through life Sign #4: You dread getting out of bed in the morning. You have lost your mojo, your oomph, your zest. Operating from a place of a zombie-like state is a very hard place to be in. Dreading getting out of bed every morning may be a sign that there is something even bigger happening, and is a sign that you may be in the throws of depressive like states. If this is the case, please seek professional help to address what is happening in your mind, spirit, and body.

Sleepwalking through life Sign #5: Your days are completely repetitive, unfulfilling, and you are in such a state of unawareness that you don’t even notice it (or worse, you do notice it but can’t do anything about it).

Sleepwalking through life Sign #6: You feel isolated and feel that you don’t have the level of support that close friendships and relationships can provide. When you feel this way, this is a great opportunity to awaken and take proactive steps to meet some new people. You can join meetup groups to do things in person, or at minimal you can find some online support groups where you feel safe and can meet other similarly-situated people. Just be careful that the people you surround yourself with are uplifters and not downers.

Sleepwalking through life Sign #7: Your life is consumed with your business or career. Yes, it is important to feel engrossed in your work, especially when you have high-profile work or work that brings you to work with affluent and high-impact clientele, however, if every conversation and action that you do throughout your daily life is consumed by business, that is a sign that you are sleepwalking through your life. To combat this, use your schedule to your advantage. Be sure to schedule in some time off, some time to play, and some time to enjoy leisurely company.

Sleepwalking through life Sign #8: The final sign in this list is that you can identify most (or all) of the above signs as being true for you and your life. Look, I know all too well what it feels like to go from being a high-achiever with a heart of gold, to feeling like an underachiever who is struggling to just breathe and keep some level of sanity and normalcy in her life. Sleepwalking through your life means that you’re not fulfilling your mission. Reconnect with the things that light you up in your life.

Your subconscious mind can be reprogrammed. Remember, that all it does is obey. So, step up into consciousness and make intentional decisions that will get you back moving in the right direction! Take a breath. You can absolutely make it happen! Start today.