CLAIM Experience 2019

Get compensated for the value you bring to the table

It’s Time for You To CLAIM

Option 1: Get Compensated for the Value You Bring to the Table – The Leadership Class!

Join this fiery, no-fluff live training call with Keisha Shields, personal and business adviser to leaders (activists, corporate, entrepreneurs, healthcare). 

In Leadership Class, you will learn how to ensure you Get Compensated for the Value You Bring to the Table this year.

We will:

  • Identify the traumas and insecurities that have been allowing you to consciously or subconsciously undermine your value and hold yourself back… so that you can step up and get compensated for the breadth of life experience and professional expertise you bring to the table in your ventures this year.
  • Uncover your most valuable ASSETS and figure out how to talk about them in a way that delivers a hell yes! from the pitch or proposal.
  •  Go through a signature technique to teach you how to use your voice, your words, and your swag (yep, I said it!) to get your value.
  • Discuss why feeling the need to prove yourself is a zero-compensation trap and how it ties into feeling underappreciated and undervalued.
  • Work through real-life examples from volunteers on the call.

This Claim Leadership Class is specifically designed for the Woman Boss & Woman Leader who needs guidance, support, and specific step-by-step tools so that HER voice, her insecurities and traumas with speaking up for herself publicly, her telling her story and her owning her accomplishments are NO longer stopping her from pitching herself, going after the clients she wants and getting paid for all of the value that she brings to the table this year (including her story, her voice, her accomplishments and the very things that are currently standing in her way).

Live Class Date: Sunday, March 10th Time: 7p-8:30p EST.

Replay will be sent to all registrants! Great for those who want to revisit the material and those who can’t attend live.

 Option 2: The Get Compensated for the Value You Bring Kit (Digital Download)

Video Mini-Class Series – Claiming your space as a high-paid woman in leadership can only be accomplished and used to your advantage when you are able to communicate your assets.

  • In these short, no-fluff video classes you will learn how to identify your highest-value leadership assets so that you can confidently get compensated well for the value you bring to any table.

Templates and Real-Life Samples

  • The Street-Cred Bio Hybrid-Template for Women Leaders:  Most leaders who are active in their platforms have no shortage of bios. In fact, you’ve probably written and re-written it time and time again trying to figure out how to put all of your awesomeness into 200 words or less (impossible, right?!). In this exclusive, hybrid bio-template you will see how to determine which of your ASSETS will give you the “street cred” aka credibility that positions and showcases your authority so that hiring, partnering, or promoting you is an easy Hell Yes!
  • The ‘Get Compensated for your Value Positioning Swipe Template’: Ever wanted to be pro-active and pitch yourself as an expert or to pitch yourself as a partner to someone influential that you admire? The first and second impressions that a person has of you and their perception of what you bring to the table are the most critical. This template is a fill-in-the-blank sample of what you can say to position yourself in your initial outreach.

  • The Leadership-Compensation Insecurities Checklist Let’s face it, we all have insecurities. Every single one of us.  I would be doing a huge disservice if I didn’t include a list of the top and most significant insecurities, fears, and obstacles that women leaders need to be aware of that can stop them from pitching, asking, and getting the value that is theirs.

    In addition, the checklist is designed to elevate and propel your leadership visibility and identity so that you know the most important components to focus on when it comes to being highly-compensated. 

The Leadership Kit is released 2 weeks prior to the Leadership Class.  Access to the Kit will be available on March 11, 2019, and login details will be sent via email.

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