Team PLI is growing!

ReClaiming her throne
Curious about the ad text? Sizzling Hot Magazine for Women seeking long-term relationships with Smart Fabulous Bloggers Vloggers Writers
(we like to spice things up a bit around here!)

We are excitedly planning out our first digital magazine and are super excited to collaborate and connect with our prospective contributors!

We have a primarily women-focused audience across multiple industries. Our audience consists of executives, working professionals, entrepreneurs, leaders, influencers, etc.

 We accept contributions to the following categories:

  • Lifestyle
  • Faith & Spirituality (this one can be a bit tricky, so be sure to give a detailed description of your proposed topic)
  • Love
  • Beauty
  • Money
  • Relationships
  • Food
  • Health & Wellness (no fads, no gimmicks)
  • Business, Entrepreneurship, Branding
  • Leadership
  • Philanthropy
  • Success & Motivation, as well as Stories of Triumph
  • Travel
  • Fashion & Style

**In case you haven’t noticed, yet, we aim to provide well-rounded assistance and guidance to our audience to help them create a life (and business) that fits them like a glove™.


What we Look for:

We are very selective (aka picky) about the content that we approve, allow, and curate in our upcoming magazine as well as in our other print matter, on our website, other spaces online… I think you get the drift!  This is important because we want to do our best to present not only our company, but you and your material in the proper manner.


We expect that content will be:

  • Inspiring, motivating, and positive!
  • Original & tailored to appeal to our readers and community
    • We do not accept articles that have been published previously (whether on your personal blogs or through an article contribution)
  • Carefully curated and professionally presented
    • (Articles and submissions sent to us should be checked for grammatical accuracy as well as truth in content)
  • Free from self-promotion (there are some instances where this may not apply)
    • All writers are required to join our community, and therefore will have a bio, link to your website, link to one offer (free or paid) that is relevant to the proposed article.
  • Tone-appropriate (some examples are: fun, creative, interesting, educational, inspirational and free from profanity)
  • Shared only through links provided by us
  • Not SEO-driven, no backlinks, no hyperlinks PERIOD! Submissions will be rejected.

Contribution guidelines:

  • You may submit a full article or a detailed description of a proposed submission
  • Articles should be no longer than 700 words. Average-length articles tend to be around 350-450 words.
  • Approved submissions will be formatted and may be edited to fit within our regulations and design scopes. Please know that by agreeing to our potential acceptance of your article that we reserve the right to modify as such.
  • If articles are not a good fit for our current needs, we will notify you within 30 days and you are at that time free to pitch your articles to other outlets.
  • Video submissions should be no longer than 10 minutes, preferably 7 mins or less, and should include a summary of the content and the main points (in the event your submission is accepted, this summary will accompany the video)
  • Contributors receive no compensation for their submissions
  • All contributors are required to join our society (community), and therefore will have a bio, link to your website or social media channel of choice, & link to one offer (free or paid) that is relevant to the proposed article posted along with the printed submission.


Here at Pink Label and Keisha Shields & Co. we are always looking for the brightest, hottest, established and up-and-coming entrepreneurs, professionals, execs, experts, etc that serve a woman-focused audience, who provide top-tier information, and who fit the work culture that we are cultivating here.


Want to propose a contribution? Email the following (please be sure to follow the guidelines to be considered):

In the subject line: Contribute + the proposed category (from the list above) –

Ex. Contribute Love

IN THE BODY of the email:

Your submission (full or proposed) – including a proposed title

Your professional bio – 3 lines or less. Include links to your website, social profiles, etc.

Your professional headshot – (this of course may be an attachment)

Your contact information – make sure we have a way to follow up with you!