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Have you ever felt like you have so much to say but get stuck in words and do not know how to say it?

In this episode, I will be talking about finding the right way to hone your message effectively to move forward, and why it is essential to implement.

Let’s dive into this episode and learn how to own and hone your message.

Listen To The Episode: Hone Your Message


[00:01 – 02:30] Opening Segment

[02:31 – 08:29] Hone Your Message Effectively 

[08:30 – 10:49] The importance of Not Silencing Your Self

[10:50 – 13:20] Closing Segment

Tweetable Quotes:

“The way you deliver the problem you are trying to solve will make a very big difference.” – Keisha Shields

“Finding your voice is directly tied to being willing to own your message. Even if it’s not popular, there are people out there waiting for you.” – Keisha Shields

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As the creator of She Will Not Be Silenced™, Keisha Shields specializes in how stigmas, stereotypes, grief and other people’s opinions can keep high-achieving women from using their voice to build the legacy, success and wealth they actually want, on their terms. 

Keisha is the executive and leadership adviser that women turn to when they need to find their voices in and out of the workplace and boardroom, break through the glass ceiling and turn their story into million-dollar messages. 

Keisha shows women how to finally let go of other people’s expectations of what their life and career should be and how to show up authentically in every way, with zero apologies.