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When you’ve been raised by a narcissist or have been in a long-term relationship with one, odds are you have conditioned yourself to survive the abuse. This is what today’s guest, Laura Bytheway experienced and had to overcome.  

Laura Bytheway is the Host of ‘Get Your Self Back’ Podcast and a life coach on a mission to help people dealing with narcissists. She is passionate about helping people get themselves back and rebuild themselves from the inside out.

Let’s dive right into this episode and learn more about narcissism and break the dynamic of narcissistic relationships.

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[00:01 – 07:29] Opening Segment

[07:30 – 16:34] Recovering from Narcissists

[16:35 – 32:00] Dealing with Narcissism One step of a Time

[32:01 – 37:44] How to help someone with Narcissism 

[37:45 – 46:00] De-Silencing your Voice

[46:00 – 58:49] Closing Segment

Tweetable Quotes:

“To be able to heal from a narcissistic relationship, you have to break the dynamic by taking full responsibility for your own emotion, learn how to set boundaries and love yourself unconditionally.” – Laura Bytheway

“Being abused by a narcissist could make you be the source of abuse to yourself.” – Laura Bytheway

“If you are in a narcissistic relationship and If it is abusive, get out as fast as possible and get yourself safe.” – Laura Bytheway


Laura Bytheway is a life coach who specializes in helping others deal with narcissists. She is passionate about empowering those who have been trained to erase themselves to survive. Working one on one, Laura helps her clients recover, build resilience, and create the life they want. She lives in Houston, TX with her husband, two children, and one on the way.

Next Step Offer: Especially for those recovering from narcissists – Book a free consultation to work with Laura one on one.

You can connect with Laura on Instagram and Facebook, visit her website at http://bythewaycoaching.com/, and listen to her podcast ‘Get Your Self Back. ‘

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