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Story & Voice and a Sugar Daddy? Oh my!
New Leadership Paradigm with Nikki Innocent – 003

She Will Not Be Silenced with Keisha Shields and Nikki Innocent

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Meet Nikki Innocent, a woman who cherishes her way of life and won’t be silenced.  Nikki Innocent definitely is a lot of things; Nikki is an amplifier, a connector and also a speaker. Nikki notes that it has been 4 years and almost 2 months since she left her career to start her own business. Nikki says that she’s been working really hard, to establish boundaries in situations, rather than rejecting the performative nature of making everyone around feel okay. You’ll hear her refer to when she did two TEDx talks back in April 2019. Keisha Shields & Nikki Innocent discuss how working in male-dominated industries can be rather difficult, due to the fact that there is a lot of sexism involved. They discuss abusive relationships where Nikki says it doesn’t necessarily have to be the villain kind of abuse (you’ll hear her mention her abusive sugar daddy). She says that abusive habits can create an environment that results in lack of self-belief or not fulfilling potential. Keisha and Nikki talk about friendship and how nowadays it can be pretty hard for many to truly connect with people. Most times, they tend to come together when they have things that they are finding hard to figure out. The moment you begin owning your space and only sticking to reciprocating friendships and business relationships, things will get much easier, it creates room for reliable and reciprocal people. Nikki talks about how she’s evolved. She’s now able to state out what she really needs in her relationship. She brings about the ability to pay attention to your own energy and the importance of your energy (in reference to the book Burnout). As the episode approaches its conclusion, Nikki talks about how she is learning to trust her emotions and understanding the knowing that comes with the emotions, she says that she can’t be silenced from speaking her emotions.


Nikki’s Podcast – Checkbox Other


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About Nikki Innocent

Nikki Innocent is a humanity activist, keynote speaker, and social entrepreneur with a focus on women’s leadership and diversity & inclusion. After over a decade of experience in the corporate world, at companies like Bain & Company and Bain Capital, Nikki left her corporate career and ventured into the entrepreneurial world to find a solution to the challenges she faced in the workplace. She is a certified new paradigm women’s leadership coach and diversity & inclusion facilitator who works with both individuals and groups.

Her company, Story & Voice, offers both small and large-scale training implementations for organizations who are looking for an action based approach to overcome diversity & inclusion hurdles in a shame-free environment.

Nikki is a two-time TEDx speaker who dives into topics of belonging, inclusion and leading authentically. Her first TEDx talk is about embracing the times in life where you feel like you don’t fit in, the times you feel “other” and her second TEDx is all about rewriting the rules in your life to thrive fully as you. Nikki also speaks about the next generation of leadership, recognizing and overcoming burnout, betting on yourself, finding and following your purpose and so much more. (Learn more:

Nikki’s podcast, Checkbox Other, explores a variety of topics and features guests who discuss times in their lives where they have felt “other” or that they didn’t belong. The power of witnessing these stories is that we experience empathy and shared humanity. We see that despite the ways we differ, we are much more alike than we are different. (Learn more: