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Have you ever felt like you have lost your voice and identity? In this episode, I will be talking about one of the hardest things to deal with as a woman, which is losing your voice, particularly as a professional woman.
Let’s dive right into this episode and learn about 3 things that we can do as women when we feel like we are losing our voice.

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[00:01 – 03:09] Opening Segment
● I introduce the topic of the day
● I talk about losing your identity, particularly as a professional woman
● I talk about the cause of identity crisis
○ Going through grief and trauma
○ Being belittled
○ When our dreams are downplayed
● Owning your voice changes the game of everything

[03:10 – 06:52] Three things that You Can Do When You Feel Like You Are Losing Your Voice
● When you own your voice, you become more confident in reaching your calling
○ Owning your voice sets you on the path to becoming and accomplishing
○ See the value in owning your voice
● Have the right perspective about what you bring to the table
○ Understanding what you are actually bringing
● Things that you have to cover when you bring your voice to the table
○ Know your accomplishments
○ Take your voice and run with it, because who you are is enough
○ Continue to develop your voice and gift as a leader

[06:53 – 09:15] Closing Segment
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● Final words
● Closing

Tweetable Quotes:
“Owning your voice changes the game for everything.” – Keisha Shields

“Take your voice and run with it, because who you are is enough.” – Keisha Shields

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As the creator of She Will Not Be Silenced™, Keisha Shields specializes in how stigmas, stereotypes, grief and other people’s opinions can keep high-achieving women from using their voice to build the legacy, success and wealth they actually want, on their terms. 

Keisha is the executive and leadership adviser that women turn to when they need to find their voices in and out of the workplace and boardroom, break through the glass ceiling and turn their story into million-dollar messages. 

Keisha shows women how to finally let go of other people’s expectations of what their life and career should be and how to show up authentically in every way, with zero apologies.