Sharonda (Haneefa) Bingham

Start with Self: How to Navigate & Resolve Conflict in Meaningful Relationships with Sharonda Bingham – 009

In this Episode

Meet Sharonda Bingham, a woman whose life mission is to change the outcomes for children, through CHOICES, and establish sustainability of the family as a whole.

Sharonda talks about how she was given her African name, Haneefa Olufemi.
Keisha & Haneefa discuss the differences and importance of understanding both interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships and how to mediate conflict and criticism that arises in both.

Haneefa shares her guidance and advice regarding how to start with self when it comes to navigating tense, uncertain, unresolved matters in our relationships and she advises us on 6 areas that we need to identify in ourselves that will help us navigate dialogue smoothly and with fairness.  Keisha & Haneefa also discuss how when we are triggered we are no good for ourselves or for others and that we must remember that people’s experiences are valid. Haneefa shares the importance of being transparent without “fake faces” and loving self so that we can learn from each other.  Please let us know your thoughts on this episode!

About Sharonda Bingham

Sharonda Bingham is a certified Marriage, Family, Business & Divorce Mediator and Conflict Resolution Trainer. Sharonda earned her Associate’s degree in Community Social Services with an emphasis in Substance Abuse Counseling from Merritt College in Oakland, California. Her Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology was earned from Argosy University which is known for its high standards of rigor, professionalism, and ethical standards.  Sharonda is currently pursuing a Master’s of Science in Educational Psychology through Purdue Global University.   

Sharonda and her sister, Sharon, co-founded their nonprofit, CHOICES- CHanging Outcomes In Children & Establishing Sustainability

CHOICES’ mission is to offer social, emotional, and physical health support services to families, children with special needs, and those in the foster care system living in Alameda, Contra Costa, and Sacramento counties.  CHOICES’ also wants to support them in changing their outcomes and establishing social, economic, and academic sustainability by preparing them for life after high school and entry to college.  

In order to change the outcomes for children, through CHOICES, both Sharonda and Sharon want to help establish sustainability for the family as a whole.  When families are capable of self-sustenance in areas such as their educational, economic, mental, and social/emotional health, they will begin to change the outcomes in their lives.

They help families build life skills, offer literacy programs to promote academic success, and teach nutrition education to promote an optimal way of eating.  They also provide violence prevention trainings and workshops to teach children and families how to effectively communicate inter-personally.

The areas of focus include: life skills building, conflict resolution, money management, financial awareness, college readiness, social & emotional health, along with physical health. By exposing youth and families to these proficiencies they will make better choices.

Learn more about Haneefa’s nonprofit, CHOICES
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To Reach Sharonda via phone: 1 (510) 872 0845
To Visit CHOICES Wellness Academy: 7801 Edgewater Dr, Suite 3000, Oakland, CA 94621