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Today, on She Will Not Be Silenced (the Podcast), I had the pleasure of speaking with my friend, Shonda Carter. Shonda is one of those “Insanely Gifted” Christians, whose platform uniquely showcases her brilliance, which makes her the perfect Creative Cattle-prod for her clients. Shonda was just awarded her M.A. in Divinity (Christian Spirituality & Formation) and is pursuing the art of Spiritual Direction!

Shonda Carter is an author, “rule” breaker and PERMISSION slip maker. As a director, producer, actress, #1 Amazon bestselling author, and popular Christian variety show host, she has a unique perspective on the creative world of message creation and delivery.

Shonda is currently the CEO of ShoStopper Productions, a creative agency conceived to evangelize across multiple platforms and capture the humanity of complex social causes. She began her 2nd career as a local evening news producer. In the years since then, she has worked in nearly every facet of creativity including acceptance in various film festivals.
While Shonda loves the stage, it comes second to her blended family with her husband Kenneth. They have three daughters, two sons, and four grandchildren. They live in Lawton, Oklahoma.

Let’s dive into Shonda’s story about how beautiful it is for you to recognize who you are and what your gifts can do, and never let other people have power over you. Start taking those baby steps towards your goal, God is with you. So just KEEP GOING!

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[00:01 – 05:53] Opening Segment

  • Let’s welcome our guest, Shonda Carter, to the show
  • – Who is Shonda Carter?
    • She is now a walking permission slip for women of faith.
    • She’s a story-teller and now a proud grandmother.
  • What does it mean for Shonda to work with gifted Christians?
    • Helping them recognize their gifts
    • Challenging their comfort levels

[05:54 – 17:58] How To Keep Going in The Face of Adversities

  • Shonda talks about how she got out of her pretty little box when she was being silenced
    • Have conversations with God
  • Facing rejection and not caring
    • Even if it is baby steps, it is still a forward direction
  • Shonda talks about her work and what she does
    • Taking secular things and making them spiritual
    • Helping women fulfill their purpose
  • What is a Degree in Christian Spirituality & Formation?
    • It helps people have a relationship with God.
    • A spiritual director helps you see God despite your circumstances.
    • Spiritual discipline
  • Shonda shares her story of how she got thrown out of her church.
    • She got criticized for her book.
    • She got told that “It might be a good message, but you don’t have the right to share that message because you are not a pastor.”

[17:59 – 30:19] The Fear of Being Judged

  • Shonda talks about happiness despite trials she had faced
    • She was misunderstood and hurt
  • Shonda talks about the beauty of coaching
  • Shonda talks about having the courage to continue to move forward
    • Not allowing herself to be offended
    • “I will not leave the church unless God tells me to leave.”
    • God will give you the ability to handle challenges.

[30:20 – 42:00] Why do we allow people to have power over us?

  • Shonda shared her earliest moments of being silenced by others
    • She had always felt like she was being belittled and hushed. 
    • She grew up believing that being quiet was the best.
  • Shonda weighs in on living as a stereotype.
    • You are living in a box.
    • No one escapes this life without having negative thoughts.
    • Checking yourself

[42:01 – 53:16] The Beauty of Seeing Who You Are

  • The power of seeing the positives
  • You are you so stop trying to make everyone else like you
    • You are who you are, and you are powerful
  • Inspiring people to be better
    • Trusting the process
  • Forgive yourself for what you didn’t know
    • Just keep going

[53:17 – 57:56] Closing Segment

  • Shonda shares fantastic advice
    • Recognize your steps. Recognize everything that is happening.
  • Connect with Shonda online. See links below
  • Final words from Shonda and me

Tweetable Quotes:

“Sometimes when your gifts don’t look like other people’s gifts. You don’t know how to use them, you don’t know where you fit. You’re quiet and you crush them down and you think they are wrong because you think it’s different.” – Shonda Carter

“Not being able to see someone’s gift, not being able to see their perspective. That’s a blind spot for people.” – Shonda Carter

“If you don’t see the positive in what can be, you will spiral.” – Keisha Shields

Resources Mentioned:

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