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Forgiveness is a choice. When the journey begins, it’s worth it and you are worth the work. This was the experience that today’s guest, Stephanie McNeal, talks about overcoming in this episode. 

Stephanie McNeal is a Speaker, author, forgiveness coach, and now thriving after experiencing infidelity in marriage. She is also the podcast host of Freed2Love, which talks about forgiving yourself from past mistakes, unhealed heartbreak, accepting the truth, and freeing yourself to move forward with your life.

Let’s dive right into this episode and learn from Stephanie how to heal yourself and encounter the power of forgiveness. 

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[00:01 – 05:58] Opening Segment

[05:59 – 11:10] Finding the Greater Purpose

[11:11 – 27:49] Encounter the Power of Forgiveness

[27:50 – 32:59] Reclaiming Your Voice 

[33:00 – 37:52] Closing Segment

Tweetable Quotes:

“My success was tied to my ability or inability to forgive my ex-husband .” – Stephanie McNeal

“If you just try to bury it, it will still be alive and manifesting somewhere in your life making you not be able to get to your full potential.” – Stephanie McNeal

“When unjustly hurt by another, we forgive when we overcome the resentment toward the offender, not by denying our right to the resentment, but instead by trying to offer the wrongdoer compassion, benevolence, and love; as we give these, we as forgivers realize that the offender does not necessarily have a right to such gifts, but we give it as an act of mercy.” – Stephanie McNeal

“Forgiveness is a choice, and then the journey begins. It is worth it, and you are worth the work.” – Stephanie McNeal.

You can connect with Stephanie on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook. Visit her website at www.freed2love.com/ and listen in to her Freed 2 Love Podcast.

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When a woman’s partner is unfaithful, it is not uncommon for their entire life to unravel. This unraveling is what was used not only as the catalyst for Stephanie’s brokenness, but the passion behind her healing and restoration. Stephanie’s passion and pleasure is to see women bounce back from whatever was the catalyst for their brokenness or stressful experience, forgive everyone who hurt them and live out their God given purpose. She helps people go from heartbreak to happy so that ultimately they grow and have the power and passion to be freed to love.

Her education and training includes an MBA in Marketing; Certification in P.R.E.P. – a scientifically-based, empirically-tested method of teaching relationship education sponsored by the National Institutes of Health; a licensed facilitator of Identity and Destiny which provides a step-by-step guide to help you find, know and live your God given purpose. She also has certifications to teach entrepreneurship to adults and children.

Newly single, she is the mother of four and loves reading, writing, learning and the adventure of travel.