Keisha P. Shields

Women. Leadership. Faith. Business.

Imagine a world where more women have access to the tools and strategies necessary to maximize their potential and to live a life that mirrors their knowingness that they are indeed created for greatness.

Reclaim Your Throne™

Reclaim Your Throne™ is designed to take high-potential women on a riveting journey of true self-discovery and luxurious reconnection with their purpose. This highly interactive talk on Reclaiming Your Throne, aspires to empower the next wave of women influencers to combine their brilliance, their gifts, and their business savvy so that they can create a life that fits them and their gifts like a glove.

In this motivational, content-rich Reclaim Your Throne”‘ experience, Keisha will have participants:

  • Racing to hit the reset button in their lives
  • Creating an actionable vision for their new luxurious purpose-filled life
  • Learning step-by-step tips that they can begin to implement right away to own and showcase who they know they are truly meant to be in this world!
  • Realize they have done enough waiting, and that it is time for them reclaim their thrones
  • Reclaim Your Throne… is an experience that can be adapted to focus solely on women in business & leadership (corporate and entrepreneurship)

Watch Keisha’s Speaker’s Demo Reel that includes a special interview segment!

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